Heavenly beaches

Walks in the name of romance

Fine golden sands, clear sea, superlative climate to spend long relaxing but at the same time fun days on the long and wide beaches of Scoglitti, for a tanning and relaxing holiday!

The splendid coast of Scoglitti is a suggestive backdrop for bike rides at any time of the day and you can take advantage of the various lidos that animate the beaches every afternoon to refresh yourself.

Kamarina Museum

Culture and history

The fish market reveals the identity of the maritime village of this city, you can admire and buy fresh fish just caught directly from the local fishermen near the port and the lighthouse, another strong point of Scoglitti, within which they take place exhibitions and events.

You can visit the Kamarina Museum, a late 19th century rural construction that illustrates the political, civil and economic history of the city of Kamarina, an important trading and logistic port of the Mediterranean around 500 BC.

Good food and nightlife

Make new friends, celebrate and toast with them!

Let yourself be carried away by the "peasant" tradition and the "fruits" of the sea: locally produced ingredients, in a wise search for new tastes, dosages of aromas, combinations of the most disparate. Certainly "poor" cuisine, but rich in flavor, aroma and taste.

Not to mention the delicacies that the sea offers us every day. Freshly caught fish accompanied by the renowned wines of the Sicilian tradition.

And the evening? The center is teeming with clubs, pubs and restaurants where the nightlife of the whole province is concentrated. Entertainment of all kinds, local parties, concerts and events of various kinds, will accompany you in your stay without ever getting bored!

Jazz Festival and Fiera Emaia

Vittoria, a thriving center of cultural events

The city of Vittoria, while maintaining its tradition as an agricultural center, can today be considered a thriving commercial and industrial center, enriched by important cultural events that attract a large audience from all over the region and beyond.

Among the most important events we find: Scenica (theater, music and traveling circus), MedinFood (food and wine exhibition center), Vittoria Jazz Festival - Music and Cerasuolo Wine (jazz concerts and wine tasting), the Fiera Emaia Campionaria Nazionale, the mother of all trade fairs, founded in 1966 by a group of Victorian artisans and entrepreneurs.

Vittoria is also the stage for many other important activities to be discovered ...